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Toronto: June 10, 2017
New York: June 11, 2017

At The Access Panama Workshop You’ll Learn:

  • How to take advantage of Panama’s “do-everything” status... whether you’re in search of a fulfilling retirement, a new career or a new business, an investment and tax haven… or if you just want to have the sunny adventure of a lifetime where fun and opportunity abound…

  • Where to own your own second home in the sun—right on the beach—for as little as US$169,000 (about CA$228,000)...

  • How to retire in style here on your Social Security alone

  • Where to enjoy high-quality medical care for a fraction of the cost in the United States or Canada and beyond...

  • Full details on Panama’s unique welcome mat for retirees, expats, and investors… learn the special incentives, perks, advantages, and benefits available to you… and how best to qualify for each of them...

  • All of the best places to live in Panama for Americans… beach towns along the dramatic Pacific coastline, laidback Caribbean getaways, cool mountain retreats… even charming colonial splendor in Panama’s cosmopolitan capital…

  • What your new life in Panama might be like with the help of expats and business owners currently living and working here… these were the people that were once in your shoes…


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What Is The Access Panama Workshop?

The Access Panama Workshop is a one-day event focused on providing information on your best options right now for living, retiring, and investing in Panama.

This little country has rolled out the welcome mat for American retirees, families, and investors. Despite its size, Panama offers a world of diversity to choose from for your new home… on the beach, in the mountains, on secluded islands, or in its capital city… all on a budget starting at only US$820 (about CA$1,107).

Yes, Panama could be the answer you’ve been waiting for… and the adventure you’ve been day-dreaming about…

How Much Does It Cost?

Entry to the Access Panama Workshops is just US$179 for a single person (about CA$240).

Coming with company? Your guest pays only US$70 more, making that US$249 (about CA$336) total for two.

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What’s On The Agenda?

During the Access Panama Workshop, you’ll have direct access to any and all of our experts on hand. You’ll also have complete access to an entire day’s worth of presentations, interactive Q&A sessions, and workshops, including:

  • Why Panama — What’s the real story behind all of the opportunities on offer in Panama? With the help of local experts and expats currently living here, we’ll discuss the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly. We’ll take you on a virtual tour across this little country blessed with geographic diversity. How much money do you need to live a stimulating and happy life here? Where might be the best place for you… and which hotspots should you avoid? This is the workshop that will answer those questions and more for you…

  • Residency—Panama is home to the Gold Standard of foreign residency visas. This is the easiest and most advantaged place in the world to establish yourself legally. As a retiree, you can take advantage of Panama’s famous pensionado visa, which grants retirees tax-free import of goods and vehicles, plus big discounts of up to 50% on everything from movie tickets and restaurants to dental exams and utility bills. Not a retiree? No problem: Panama’s other famous visa grants easy and super-quick residency to Americans if they can show a modest balance in a local bank account. It even comes with the option to obtain a work permit…

  • Banking and Taxes—Panama is a tax haven. In fact, it’s now one of the world’s most famous tax havens thanks to the recent “Panama Papers” international scandal. While some of the world’s elite and wealthy chose to abuse Panama’s advantageous tax laws, many more are doing so now completely legally. We’ll show you how to save a ton of money on taxes—100% legally—while also showing you how to use Panama for asset protection against lawsuits, ex-spouses, failing financial markets, and more…

  • Finding A New Home—How much will it cost to rent a house on the beach? What’s included in a rental contract, and what details should you be looking for? What about if you’re looking to buy… how do you search the property market without a local MLS in place? And what should you look out for to avoid mistakes? In this workshop, we’ll discuss all of the property pros and pitfalls in Panama, including how to get the best deals…

  • Generating Cash Flow And Profits—Panama’s opportunities in real estate, taxes, and business allow you the option to invest for both long-term capital growth and immediate cash flow. This is also an entrepreneur’s playground… it’s one of the best places in the world to start a business, thanks in part to a growing international labor pool, advanced infrastructure, and generous tax incentives…

  • And much more…


Who Is Organizing The Access Panama Workshop?

The Access Panama Workshop is brought to you by Access Panama, an affiliate of Live and Invest Overseas. Live and Invest Overseas has been the world’s savviest and most trusted source for information on living, retiring, and investing overseas since it was established in 2008. Headquartered in Panama City, Access Panama’s mission is to introduce all of the many opportunities in Panama available to Americans with useful and honest advice.


What Are You Waiting For?

The 1-day Access Panama Workshop is a unique introduction to living, retiring, and investing in Panama. This is the easiest, most efficient, and most cost-effective event available anywhere in the world for American considering Panama.

For only US$179, you’ll have complete access to every presentation, interactive Q&A session, and workshop. Plus, free lunch is included, along with free coffee and snack breaks throughout the day.

Bringing a guest? They’ll pay only US$70 more, or US$249 in total for two people.

2017 Access Panama Workshops:

Toronto—Saturday, June 10, 2017 Sign Up Now
New York —Sunday, June 11, 2017 Sign Up Now

What Past Panama Event
Attendees Have To Say…

"What a team you all have put together! I'm so impressed with the extend of professional knowledge present in each of the speaker's presentations"

--Kelly G., United States


"I feel much better prepared and therefore more confident in planning to retire in another country."

--Stephen Scott, United States

Toronto, ON


Saturday, June 10, 2017
Doors open at 8:30 a.m.
Workshop hours: 9:00 a.m.—5:00 p.m.


Hampton Inn by
Hilton, Toronto Airport
Corporate Centre
5515 Eglinton Ave West,
Toronto, ON, M9C 5K5


New York, NY


Sunday, June 11, 2017
Doors open at 8:30 a.m.
Workshop hours: 9:00 a.m.—5:00 p.m.


Courtyard by Marriott
LaGuardia Airport Hotel
9010 Ditmars Blvd
East Elmhurst, New York
11369 USA


Can’t Make It To Toronto Or New York?

We are currently planning more Access Panama Workshops Stateside. Let us know where you would like to meet us:

Kickstart your Panama dreams with the help of experts and expats currently living and investing in Panama.

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