Panama Pacifico Prices Are Up – What Does It Mean For You?

Panama Pacifico: “The Most Audacious Real Estate Project In The World”

Finally, the wider world is waking up to Panama’s potential.

Here at Live and Invest Overseas, we have been stressing for years that Panama offers some of the most promising real estate opportunities on the planet. Because of its strategic location, use of the dollar, stable government and strong economy, it offers a relatively safe harbor for folks looking to diversify their investment portfolio with international investments. We are so confident, in fact, that this year we launched this newsletter and a whole new division called Access Panama to showcase some of the country’s marquee property developments and other investments. One of those developments (which we have written about before) is Panama Pacifico, a massive mixed-use project just 15 minutes from the center of Panama City on the west bank of the Panama Canal.

So we were pleased this week to see our confidence corroborated by none other than Forbes magazine, the Bible of American capitalism. In its annual Billionaires Issue, on newsstands this week, Forbes profiles Colombian billionaire Jaime Gilinski, one of the men behind the Panama Pacifico project. Forbes calls it “the most audacious real estate project on the planet.”

This paragraph pretty much sums things up:

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