6 Can’t-Miss Spots For The Best Craft Beer In Panama

Six Standout Spots For Craft Beer Lovers In Panama

Objectively speaking, Panama has the perfect climate for drinking beer. Think about it. The scorching tropical heat and high humidity throughout the year can induce an almost insatiable thirst. And that’s if you are in town. If you are at any of the hundreds of miles of beaches, the temptation is even worse.

Maybe that’s why there is more beer ready to be consumed in Panama than any other place on earth. The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization says there was 21 gallons of the stuff available for every man, woman and child in the country in 2013. More even than such sudsy stalwarts as Germany and Mexico.

There’s good news and bad news for those who rejoice at such data points. The bad news that is that most of that beer comes in the form of one of the three main brands available in Panama—Cerveza Panama, Balboa, and Atlas. All three are pale lagers that will immediately be recognized by anyone who is drawn to Budweiser or Old Milwaukee. Tasteless, watery, and over-carbonated are the attributes that come to mind. Okay for quenching your thirst in a pinch, but hardly worth going out of your way for.

The good news is that

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